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Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
little ones toys with a technology twist can be a good bet. >> reporter: good morning. consumer reports played with the latest games and gadgets to find terrific choices starting with a classic. who doesn't love a good game of montana ly, especially when you can use an ipad to keep track of your cash. or break out of jail by playing a game on the tablet. >> one of the big trends are toys that interact with apps on smartphone or tablet we thought monopoly was more fun with an app. >> reporter: download the app for free, consumer sampled 11 other tech toys. >> pricey but no other toy like them kids will play with them for hours. >> reporter: download software to add games to the interactive cubes, shake, flip, tilt or press the blocks to play games like puzzles or math challenges. >> yes! >> reporter: if you want everyone off the coach try loops shifter for $45. players 7 and up use best karate chop like moves to repeat a pattern. there are tech toys for creative kid too, crayola's digital light designer for $60. artists six and older can move the wand to draw with l.e.d. lights they look
Nov 10, 2012 6:00am PST
technology. it promises to cut the number of biopsies marcie needs. >> it is designed not as a screening tool for all moles but for suspicious moles that we want to get a second opinion on. >> the recently approved fda deadvice is called melafind. it combines multiple light waves with a foe ton sensor. >> ready, one, two and three. >> the result is a multi-dimensional look of the makeup of individual skin lesions including layers not visible to the naked eye. >> it analyzes the degree of a symmetry and pigment throughout multiple layers in the skin. >> it use as series of algorhythms to produce a score. >> we know from clinical studies the average score formal nopa is about 3 .5. if something is zero are below we know it's almost certainly benign. >> still, there are limitations. the device is not currently spot common nonmelanoma cancers. the doctor said it's best used as an added tool to confirm a dermatologist's clinical judgment on questionable lesions. this woman comes for regular screenings ever since her surgery for melanoma her shoulder. >> anything that could tell me that there
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2